Animals For Rehoming

Here are our animals in need of rehoming:

Throughout the years we've rehomed many animals, view a selection of the animals that we've rehomed below:

Animals that we have rehomed >

Remember, only through the support of our volunteers, adopters and donors, that we can help these poor animals. Find out more about Warrington Animal Welfare on our home page and how you can help on our get involved page.

How to adopt an animal?

Please read the information on your chosen animal, taking note of any special requirements the animal may have.  If you are confident you can offer a secure, happy forever home then we can arrange for you to meet the animal: 
  • Dogs/Puppies - dog viewings are by appointment only, as they are in various locations e.g. the centre, foster care etc.  We are not able to handle people who turn up unexpectedly to view dogs, due to the small nature of the site.  

    We will initially discuss with the potential adoption on the phone.  If you and a particular dog are well-suited we will arrange a time to introduce you to the dog – this may be at the centre or at an arranged location off site e.g. at a fosterers or off site kennels.   You, your family and any existing dog will need to spend time with the dog and will be encouraged to take them for a walk, to make sure of a good match.  Once this has all happened and everyone is satisfied then the dog will be reserved and a home-check will be arranged. 
  • Cats/Kittens – as the majority are based at the centre, we welcome visitors who are serious about adopting. 
  • Rabbits - as the majority are based at the centre, we welcome visitors who are serious about adopting.  If you are looking for a companion for your existing rabbit you will need to consider the 'bonding process' - we can either advise you (if you feel confident to do it at home) or you can bring your bunny to the centre and we will carry out the bonding process, once you have signed a 'rabbit bonding disclaimer'.  Find out more about rabbit bonding on the rabbit welfare website.
  • Guinea Pigs - we have Guinea Pigs at the centre which you are welcome to visit.  However, we do have a number of Guinea Pigs are in foster care, contact us with your details and we will pass on to the fosterer to arrange a visit.  We can also help and advise on bonding guinea pigs.

Visiting the Centre

When you visit the centre, a volunteer will show you around and advise you about suitable animals that would suit you.  An animal which will fit in your circumstances and your family dynamic.  We may need to ask you some additional questions to pre-qualify you as a potentially suitable adopter.
If a match is made, we will put a reserve on the animal and take your details and some additional information for the home-check, which is to simply check that the environment is a safe one for the animal.  We are open to the public every day, 12noon – 4pm (until 7pm on Thursdays, May to August).  

Please note some animals may be in foster care.  

WAW Rehoming Policies 

For all adoptions:
  • WAW do not re-home to families with young children under 5 yrs.  Please respect our policy and find out more about the reasons here.
  • All adoptions are subject to a ‘Home-check’ (within a reasonable distance of Warrington). 
  • We reserve the right to carry out a 'vet check' for all adopters.
  • Existing pets should be neutered (unless there are medical reasons).
  • If you live in rented accommodation, we will require sight of evidence of permission from your landlord for you to keep a pet at the property.
  • All are adoptions are subject to an ‘Adoption Fee’.
  • The 'adoptor' is to be the home-owner or rent payer.
Animal specific policies:
  • Single Kittens are not to be left alone for a significant period of time e.g. full work days, until they are older.  If you plan on leaving your new kitten, we recommend you choose an older one (6 months +) or consider a pair of kittens.
  • Cats/Kittens will not be rehomed on or near a main/busy road - e.g. dual carriageways, busy 'A' roads, motorways, busy cut-throughs, main bus routes.
  • Cats/Kittens should have access to an outside space, so we will not rehome to apartments above the ground floor.
  • Cats/Kittens can not be rehomed as 'house cats' - due to the nature of cats, we cannot predict their behaviour in a home (exceptions to this policy include; older cats / cats that have come to us as house cats / cats with a condition or disability).
  • Dogs/Puppies are not to be left alone for a significant period of time e.g. a full working day, where suitable care has not been put in place e.g. doggy day care, an arranged visit, coming home for lunch etc.
  • Dogs/Puppies must have a secure garden.
  • Rabbits/Guinea Pigs - different small animals have different needs, but space and the freedom to exercise at will is incredibly important. Rabbits and guinea pigs require a companion of their own species if they are to live happily.  They must have suitable accommodation and access to outside space.  We will happily discuss and advise.  More information on suitable rabbit and guinea pig accommodation is available on our advice page.

The Home-check

The home check is a relaxed, short visit, which is carried out before we rehome every animal.  Its purpose is to check that the environment is a safe one for the animal.  It is also an opportunity for adopters to ask questions about the animals and an opportunity for WAW to give you advice on settling in your new pet.
  • Cat / Kitten home-check: We will check is how busy the area is, proximity to main roads, whether there is a cat flap and if not then what suitable shelter is available should you need to go out before your cat comes home.
  • Dog / Puppy home-check: We will check that your garden is secure and if there are any issues – such as a broken fence panel – we will raise this with you and give you the opportunity to resolve the issue. Once resolved we will arrange a time with you to carry out the official adoption at the rescue centre.
  • Rabbit / Guinea Pig home-check: We will check to ensure the environment, indoor or outdoor, is a safe one for the animals, including the access to an outside run.
If any concerns are raised during the home check you will be given the opportunity to make the necessary changes to put things right. Once everyone is happy and the check has passed we will make an appointment for you to come down to the centre where the adoption paperwork will be completed.

The Adoption - Taking Your New Friend Home 

After a successful home-check you will be invited down to the centre to complete the adoption paperwork and pay the adoption fee - you can find information on the adoption fee here.  

We will also inform you of any pre booked vet appointments, vaccinations, any special dietary requirements and microchip information.
Adoptions take around 20 minutes to complete (longer if you are adopting multiple animals).  Please note we do not have a card machine, so all payments must be cash or cheque.  The adoption fee includes; neutering, micro-chipping, vaccinations, flea treatment worm treatment and four weeks free insurance.
Once the paperwork is complete you will be able to take your new companion home.  We have produced a number of WAW fact sheets to help you settle in your new pets, visit our advice page to find out more.
At any time after re-homing should you need advice or help we are always available, please do contact us.  Should you have any questions or concerns post re-homing please do give us a call…we are always here to offer advice and help.

Rehoming Assistance

WAW can help you rehome your pet(s) in a number of ways:
  • Through our rescue centre - when space becomes available we can take your pet into the centre (or a foster home).  You will surrender your pet to WAW and your pet will be put up for rehoming via our networks.
  • Home to Home rehoming - we can use our networks to find your pet a suitable new home, whilst they stay with you.  We will visit you in your home to assess your pet and if suitable we will advertise.  WAW will screen potential adoptors and make arrangements for them to meet your pet.  Once a new home is identified you will need to bring your pet to the centre and compelte the surrender paperwork prior to the adoption (which usually takes place the same day).  Like with all adoptions the new owners will be fully homechecked and the standard adoption fee applies.
All animals must be assessed and recently vet checked prior to WAW agreeing to rehome.  


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