Max - Cat DSH
4-6 Years Old male

Chunky boy Max is a handsome 4-6 year old tomcat ready to find his forever home! He arrived at the centre as an unwanted pet, and even though he prefers to hang out at the back of his pod, wants to be everyone's best friend!

As Max may seem a little shy and hides, he gets over looked by by visitors - but as he soon comes out of his shell, and loves having lots of cuddles and fuss! If you're looking for a big cuddle chunk of a cat, then Max is the boy for you!

01925 748637 or 01925 748638/Facebook Message

We do not re-home to families with young children under 5 yrs. Home-checks within a reasonable distance of Warrington. All animals are neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated where appropriate. We have specific rehoming polices for different types of animals; dogs are not to be left alone for extended periods of time, cats will not be rehomed on or near to a main road and rabbits/guinea pigs etc. must have suitable accommodation.
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