Fostering Dogs

Tiny-new.jpgCould you take care of a dog in your own home for a period of time?  If yes, we are always looking for dog foster carers, people who are happy to take a dog into their home until they find their forever home.
WAW sometimes have dogs that are just not good in kennels - these may be puppies, older dogs, dogs with injuries/medical conditions or sometimes we just run out of space.
We need caring people to offer foster homes to dogs, who come to WAW for a variety of reasons – their owner may have sadly died, families no longer having times for older puppies, a family member may have developed an allergy or they just not longer fit into someone’s new lifestyle.
Some dogs may also require special attention, they may have shown stress in kennels of have a medical condition and need a bit more care.  Whatever the case, we will give you as much information as possible about your foster dog.
It takes a special person to be a Fosterer, and we are so thankful to those willing to give their time and commitment to help dogs and save lives. 

Welcoming a dog into your home is not always easy, you may have to overcome a few hurdles and be prepared for challenges.  However fostering can be hugely rewarding and you will enjoy the fulfilment and sense of achievement of helping your foster dog find their forever home.

What WAW will provide:

  • All vet bills paid.
  • All of the food, bedding, equipment and advice you need to take care of our dogs.
  • Regular contact and support from our kennel staff.

What we look for in a Fosterer:

  • Preferably experience and confidence with owning dogs.
  • You will need your own transport and should live within a reasonable distance of Warrington.
  • Be home for all/most of the day. Some dogs you will be able to build up leaving time gradually.
  • Older sensible children only, who have met our kennels staff and had their suitability assessed.
  • Preferably no other pets, if there are pets they must be neutered and vaccinated and of a calm disposition.
  • Be prepared to follow advice and procedures given by WAW kennel staff and attend any vet appointments.
  • Your garden/outside space will need to be fully secure.
  • Commitment - we need fosterers who will not give up on dogs after one bad night’s sleep or one toileting accident in the house.
  • Ideally a fosterer will have access to a PC/internet and equipment for taking photos of the dog in your home environment and sending updates.
  • Have compassion and empathy for the dogs needs whilst accepting that our dogs won’t be with you permanently.
  • Able to nurse a sick or injured dog back to health.
  • Common sense to make judgement calls in certain circumstances.
Foster carers are undoubtedly vital to our work, but it’s important that before applying you please think carefully about the time and environment you have available and whether you truly feel able to offer temporary care to dogs who need it. 
If you do feel able, please contact us on 01925 748638, email or send us a private message on Facebook.

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and with different personalities so whatever your experience level, we will endeavour to place the most appropriate dog into your care.  As with adoptees, suitable foster applicants will also need to undergo our standard home check. 
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