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Date: 13 / 14 July 2019
Distance: 50km or 100km

WAW has bought a small number of charity places in this year’s NIGHTRIDER™ LIVERPOOL 2019, so if you would like to help raise money to help the animals at WAW whilst having a fantastic night on your bike, then keep reading… 

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Nightrider Liverpool is back for the 4th consecutive year in Liverpool and you can be a part of this special cycle challenge! Taking place throughout the night, Nightrider is a charity ride which is all about having fun, seeing the sights and taking on a personal challenge.
You can choose from a 50km or 100km route in and around the Wirral and Liverpool. Explore the city's top sights, latest attractions, famous landmarks and discover some lesser well-known treasures. Whether you’re cycling on your own, with your friends, family or work colleagues, we can promise you a different kind of Saturday night! This is not a timed ride and it’s not a sportive, it is all about having a good time and cycling together. Enjoy the sights, take photos, support each other and help us to raise funds.
This action-packed event includes all the city's iconic landmarks and legendary musical heritage sites. The first 50km loop starts with a ride through the Mersey Tunnel (which will be closed to other traffic) over to the Wirral Peninsula. Highlights include the Royal Liverpool Golf Club, West Kirby and Port Sunlight, plus there are spectacular views back over the city centre. Loop 2 takes in some world-famous landmarks: Liverpool's historic waterfront, Albert Dock, Echo Arena, Cavern Club, Empire Theatre, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, Knotty Ash, Anfield Stadium (Liverpool FC) and Goodison Park (Everton FC). Full support, back up and regular break stops are provided throughout the night, along with a well-earned breakfast and medal at the finish. 

Why Nightrider?

  • Enjoy cycling past the many sights of Liverpool and the Wirral in this unique charity bike ride at night.
  • The route is fully sign-posted. You can cycle at your own pace and follow the signs. GPS route will also be released.
  • Choice of routes – 100km, 50km Wirral loop or 50km Liverpool city loop.
  • Amazing atmosphere with hundreds of cyclists riding together, raising funds.
  • Great event to do with friends or work colleagues. 
  • Nightrider is organised by leading charity challenge company Classic Challenge who have been organising challenge events for more than twenty-five years. 

Is Nightrider for me?

  • If you’re looking for a different and enjoyable challenge then this is for you!
  • You should be confident in cycling alongside traffic. Some roads are busy even at night.
  • The route is mainly on quieter roads, but it does take in some of Liverpool’s lively spots which will be busy with the public and vehicles.
  • This event is not a race and is not timed and we encourage people to cycle responsibly.  Most people complete the 100km route in 6-8 hours. The maximum time permitted is 10 hours.
  • You should be prepared to put in some training prior to the event - it is a challenge and you will need to be able to cycle 50km /100km. We therefore do not recommend this event for beginner riders. 

Sound like the event for you? Do you want to join the WAW team?

We’d love you to join the WARRINGTON ANIMAL WELFARE Nightrider Liverpool team on one of our limited Charity Places.
You will need to pay a registration fee and we ask to you commit to raising £175 minimum sponsorship for us.
You will get lots of support, help and advice to set you on the way to fundraising success.
To secure your place in Nightrider please contact WAW:


If successful, you will then be given a link to complete a short registration form and to pay your £35 registration fee. You can select which distance you would like to register for. Nightrider will then be in touch to welcome you to the team and support you on your way.
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kittens.PNGEach year WAW help 100’s of kittens and their mums - and this year will be no different and we need your help!

Unlike some national charities WAW find it hard to turn animals in need away and will always endeavour to find extra space - but space and resources are not unlimited.

So this is why we need your help with the three F's - FOOD, FOSTER & FUNDING


We go through so much kitten (and cat) food, all donations of wet and dry kitten food is much appreciated.  Donations can be dropped it off directly at the centre (where we will happily show you around).  If you are not able to make it down, contact us and we can arrange for a volunteer to collect.


Fostering is one of the most rewarding thing you can do! Full support, training and equipment will be given – you just need some space, love and time.  We need people who are prepared to take on the care of mums and babies and also kittens who require hand rearing. 
Fostering can be for anything up to 9 weeks.  Fostering isn’t as glamorous as it sounds! There will be plenty of sleepless nights and a lot of mess to clean up! It is also very rewarding watching young kittens grow up and seeing how mummy cats care for their young.  Click here for more information on fostering kittens and mums.


You can help us continue to help animals in need by making a donation: 
Donations of any size or frequency are much appreciated. Many of our regular supporters are now giving to WAW via our charity account on the online fundraising site, Just Giving.
The money goes directly to WAW, making it a safe and secure way to fundraise and donate online. We can claim Gift Aid where appropriate and this means that your donation goes even further to help the animals. Check out our Just Giving Page.

Other ways you can donate include:
We all know that prevention is the best cure, so if you or you know someone who needs help to neuter their cat/kitten, find out more on about our low cost / *free neutering scheme here.

Everything helps and we cannot thank you enough.

*restrictions apply
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We hope you and your furry friends have had a great Valentine's Day! Please spare a thought on this day for all the animals in our care who are still waiting for a human to give them a home full of love and cuddles.

Buy a valentine's gift for the dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs at WAW -

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We get a lot of frustrated people asking us this question.  But our policy comes from over 30 years experience of rehoming unwanted and abandoned pets. 

As an animal charity we deal with hundreds of animals each year, who are looking to be rehomed for a variety of reasons, with the majority or reasons relating to younger children.

A lot of these animals have already been passed from home to home, so at WAW we want to try and ensure that their next home is their forever home.  We look for the best home, the best fit for each individual animal.  

In addition these animals may not have a complete history and it would be irresponsible of WAW to rehome them with small children and risk the possibilities of nips and bites.

We extend this policy to puppies, kittens and rabbits as unfortunately the majority of adult animals we receive were bought as young animals, as pets for families with younger children and it has not worked out for a variety of reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to:
  • Asthmas / Allergies:  By far the most common reason is ‘my child has developed ‘asthma or an allergy’ to the pet.  Parents of children over 5 will generally be more aware of any allergies or issues related to asthma and they are being managed.
  • Bites / Nips: Puppies and kittens have sharp teeth and like to mouth hands when they are teething, this can be misjudged as a bite.  Also children are less likely to be able to recognise warning signs that animals give that they are unhappy / scared / nervous during play.  This generally ends up in a defensive nip or bite from the animal.
  • Affordability: The cost of a pet can be considerably more than people expect – food, vaccinations, vets bills, insurance, beds, hutches, runs, toys, holiday care etc.  These, plus the significant cost of young children usually results in the pet being given up for adoption.
  • Time: Pets, especially dogs, puppies, kittens and event rabbits need a lot of time – training, walking, socialising, cleaning etc.  So animals are surrendered when people realise that they do not have the time that their pet needs.
It’s because of these reasons, WAW choose to rehome to families with children over 5, and families should not take our decision personally.  

By taking the time to find the right home, the first time we can ensure that the experience is positive for both the animal and the adopter.   And reducing the likelihood of the adoption failing.

Our policy does come from experience and the desire to make sure that the many animals that pass through WAW are not returned to be rehomed again.

We appreciate your understanding.


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Once a popular pet, the number of "handbag dogs" handed in to rescue centres is increasing.  Faced with the reality of looking after a dog - that they are more than just a fashion accessory, owners no longer want to look after them.  Many of these breeds - Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, "miniature" Yorkshire Terriers - suffer health problems from poor breeding practices, and faced with large vet bills, owners give them up.

According to the Blue Cross the number of Yorkshire Terriers handed in to them has increased over 40% in the last five years.  They are not the only rescue noticing this change, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home say that the number of Chihuahuas in their care increased by 36% compared to the year before.*

Here are the top 5 "handbag" breeds handed into Blue Cross centres last year:

1.  Yorkshire terrier (92 hand-ins in 2014/ 65 in 2009)
2.  Chihuahua (53 hand-ins in 2014/ 0 in 2009)
3.  Cavalier King Charles spaniel (36 hand-ins in 2014/ 14 in 2009)
4.  Bichon frise (28 hand-ins in 2014/ 13 in 2009)
5.  Shih tzu (31 in 2014/ 17 in 2009)

The rise in the problem also come from more of these dogs being bred than are being brought, along with the little thought that goes into buying a dog.  The Blue Cross did a survey of pet owners and found that:

"nearly a third spend less than a week researching which pet they will get ... 38% admitted to spending more time researching the purchase of a new mobile phone or tablet and 18% had even bought a pet on impulse."

Small breeds of dogs also often come into rescues with behavioural issues.  Warrington Animal Welfare had a pair of Chihuahuas handed in that were so used to being carried about, that walking was a strange, scary experience for them. 

Owners often forget that small breeds still need exercise like any other dog.   Molly coddling dogs can also lead to separation anxiety issues, as shown in this Channel 5 new report:

So please, before getting a small dog do plenty of research to avoid more dogs ending up in rescue.  And if you do want to give a small dog a home, adopt one that has lost theirs.

*Numbers from 2013

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