Rehoming Assistance...

WAW can help you rehome your pet(s) in a number of ways:
  • Through our rescue centre - when space becomes available we can take your pet into the centre (or a foster home).  You will surrender your pet to WAW and your pet will be put up for rehoming via our networks.
  • Home to Home rehoming - we can use our networks to find your pet a suitable new home, whilst they stay with you.  We will visit you in your home to assess your pet and if suitable we will advertise.  WAW will screen potential adoptors and make arrangements for them to meet your pet.  Once a new home is identified you will need to bring your pet to the centre and compelte the surrender paperwork prior to the adoption (which usually takes place the same day).  Like with all adoptions the new owners will be fully homechecked.
All animals must be assessed prior to WAW agreeing to rehome.  

Lost Pet Advice...

If you have lost your pet, you can  post on the various local, lost pet sites on Facebook, such as Warrington Pets Lost & Found.
There are also many people who aren't on Facebook and don't see these messages so we always recommend putting posters up in the area, ringing the dog warden and registering them as missing on Dogs Lost site.

Found an Animal Advice...

If you have found an animal, you can  post on Warrington Pets Lost and Found on Facebook, as there are lots of members on there and people post any missing or found pets in the area.  

You should also take the dog to a vets to let them scan for a microchip. If the animal isn't microchipped then please make sure that anyone claiming to be the dog's owner provides proof/pictures to ensure they are the correct owners. 

You may want to consider putting up posters in the area you found the animal, in case the owner is not online.

Settling in Your New Pet...

Getting a new pet is both exciting and nerve-wracking.  Having another living thing move into our homes, comes with lots of expectations - our fact sheets (pdfs) aim to make the transition smoother:

WAW FACT SHEET: Settling in Your Rescue Cat/Kitten
WAW FACT SHEET: Settling in Your Rescue Dog
WAW FACT SHEET: Settling in Your New Puppy

Suitable Homes for Rabbits/Guinea Pigs...

WAW will only rehome rabbits and guinea pigs to homes where they have suitable accommodation.  So what does this mean?

Basically: Ideally as big as you can – with access to outside to graze.  Find out more on our fact sheets (pdf):

WAW FACT SHEET: Suitable Rabbit Accommodation
WAW FACT SHEET: Suitable Guinea Pig Accommodation

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